Joe Biden Chooses Susan Rice to Run White House Domestic Policy Council

biden rice
ISP Pool Photo by Mike Theiler via UPI

Former Vice President Joe Biden announced Thursday he would bring former National Security Advisor Susan Rice back to the White House to head the Domestic Policy Council.

Biden’s decision is puzzling, as Rice’s entire political career was focused on national security.

As the National Security advisor for former President Barack Obama, Rice was a prominent figure in the effort to cover up the 2012 terrorist attack on an American consulate in Benghazi as a “spontaneous” protest against a YouTube video.

She also served a prominent role in the botched attempt to defend Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, an American soldier who was captured after deserting his unit, as a soldier who served with “honor and distinction.”

In a statement, Biden said Rice’s appointment was part of an effort to bring “the highest level of experience, compassion, and integrity” to his administration which valued “competent and crisis-tested governance.”

As the Domestic Policy Council director, Rice will lead Biden’s effort to implement his “Build Back Better” overhaul of the United States economy.

Since leaving the Obama administration, Rice was appointed to the board of directors at Netflix in 2018. She sold some of her Netflix shares in August and was also on Biden’s short-list for vice president.

Rice’s net worth is estimated between $14.7 million and $28.5 million.



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