Rand Paul: ‘Inappropriate for Me,’ Others in Congress to Get Vaccinated Before Others

Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on Monday said it would be “inappropriate” for him to receive the coronavirus vaccine before frontline healthcare workers and the elderly.

“I was asked about getting vaccinated with others in Congress: It is inappropriate for me – who has already gotten the virus/has immunity – to get in front of elderly/healthcare workers,” Paul said.

“Same goes for AOC or any young healthy person. They should be among last, not first,” he added:

Ocasio-Cortez, 31, posted a video of herself receiving the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine this weekend and explained why she was among the first to receive the vaccination, which is currently limited.

“I was actually surprised by this too,” Ocasio-Cortez said during an Instagram Q&A, attributing it to a “national security policy.”

“I was expecting we’re going to get it a lot later… When it comes to Congress’s access, it’s due to something [called] continuity of governance planning, which is essentially national security planning,” she continued.

“So this actually came from a national security policy and directive to ensure continuity of governance during national emergencies,” the New York Democrat explained:

Sen. Paul, who recovered after testing positive for the Wuhan virus earlier this year, talked about some of the policies leaders have embraced to combat the virus, telling Breitbart News on Saturday that mask mandates are “are all about submission.”

“It’s all about submission. They want you to submit to their will, whether there’s any science. In fact, like on schools, I’ve been telling Fauci for six months, the evidence is that if you open schools, you will not get a surge,” he explained.

“The whole world accepts it, except for Dr. Fauci. He finally accepted it last week, six months after I started showing him the evidence,” he added.


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