Official: Nashville Bomber’s Motive ‘May Never’ Be Known

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE - DECEMBER 25: Police close off an area damaged by an explosion on Christmas morning on December 25, 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee. A Hazardous Devices Unit was en route to check on a recreational vehicle which then exploded, extensively damaging some nearby buildings. According to reports, the police …
Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

Appearing Monday on NBC’s Today, David Rausch, director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, said Nashville bomber Anthony Quinn Warner’s motive “may never” be known after he perished in the explosion.

A partial transcript is as follows:

CRAIG MELVIN: The question that so many folks have this morning is “why?” Why would a guy that would seem unknown to law enforcement, save a minor drug offense back in the late seventies when he was much young[er], why would he do something like this? How will they go about determining motive?

DAVID RAUSCH: There’s a lot of effort that goes into that. Investigators from federal, state, and local authorities here in Nashville are working diligently combing through the leads and the information we have coming in. We’ve got information literally coming in as we speak. There’s a lot of interviews taking place right now and through all of that we hope to get an answer. Sometimes, it’s just not possible, but we feel like we have a little bit of an understanding of who this suspect was and what potential motive he had. We don’t know for sure if we’ll ever get there, the complete answer, because that individual is no longer with us. […] We may never find the exact reasoning behind the activity that took place.


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