Leading U.S. Evangelical Condemns President Biden’s ‘Pro-Abortion Blitz’

Penny Starr/Breitbart News

The president of Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte has joined the U.S. Catholic bishops in condemning President Joe Biden’s aggressive pro-abortion politics.

In a searing February 5 essay in the Christian Post, Dr. Richard D. Land notes that “Joe Biden has completely broken with his church’s bedrock beliefs in the sanctity of all human life from conception to natural death.”

Sleepy Joe “has morphed into ‘whirlwind Joe,’ firing off Executive Orders at a record-breaking pace including greatly expanding the U.S. taxpayers funding of abortion both here and around the world,” writes Land, who is also executive editor of the Christian Post.

Land also notes the concerted effort by the mainstream media to normalize Mr. Biden’s heterodox beliefs, while gushing over his deep Catholic devotion.

“And not only has President Biden turned his back on one of the bedrock beliefs of his Roman Catholic faith, he continues to enjoy the accolades of a fawning press core that speaks of his ‘devotion’ and his ‘deep faith,’” Land observes.

Not only is Biden out of touch with the Catholic Church, however, he is also out of touch with the majority of Americans, Land writes.

“According to a poll conducted this week, significant majorities of Americans of all faiths reject the radical pro-abortion agenda now being implemented with breakneck speed by that ‘devout Catholic,’ President Biden,” he states.

Citing the Catholic Association’s Ashley McGuire, Land said that if there is an area where Catholics are most confused, “it’s how can you be somebody who’s so ardently promoting your Catholicity while at the same time adopting views that are so extremely divergent from where you Church is on the issue.”

Regarding taxpayer-funded domestic abortions, some “6 out of 10 Americans of all religious and political persuasions oppose using federal tax money to pay for abortions in the U.S.,” he writes.

When it comes to federal funding for abortions overseas, a whopping 77 percent of Americans — more than 3 out of 4 — oppose it, he adds.

“Only 19% of those polled ‘strongly support’ or ‘support’ U.S. taxpayers paying for abortions outside the United States, a policy just implemented by Joe Biden on a massive, unprecedented scale,” he writes.

So now, 48 years after Roe v. Wade, we are faced with “a pro-abortion Trojan horse” named Joe Biden, Land laments, despite the fact that his abortion policies are far removed from the beliefs of average Americans.

“This level of frustration of the people’s will by ruling managerial elites will lead over time to great disillusionment with the system itself,” Land observes, a system “apparently incapable in its ossified state to respond to the will of the people.”


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