Mike Pence: Rush Limbaugh ‘Made Conservatism Fun’

Rush Limbaugh reacts after first Lady Melania Trump presented him with the the Presidential Medal of Freedom as President Donald Trump delivers his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020. Second lady Karen Pence is at left …
Patrick Semansky/AP Photo

Former Vice President Mike Pence celebrated the life of Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday, reacting to the news of the legendary broadcaster’s death.

“Rush Limbaugh, he made conservatism fun. There’s an old saying that winners have fun, and Rush Limbaugh’s voice made conservatives proud,” Pence said in a phone call on Fox News.

Limbaugh’s death from lung cancer was announced on his show by his wife Kathryn on Wednesday. He was 70 years old.

The former vice president said he was among the tens of millions of Limbaugh “ditto-head” fans mourning the death of a conservative champion in America.

“Rush Limbaugh will never be forgotten,” Pence said, noting a “deep sense of personal loss” in his household. “There will never be another Rush Limbaugh.”

“He was a good man. People heard his heart every day, but no one in my lifetime has ever more consistently given voice to the timeless ideals of this country than Rush Limbaugh, and he will be dearly missed,” Pence continued.

Pence recalled Limbaugh’s legacy in the conservative movement, giving it life and energy for decades.

“He was the anchor of conservatism. He gave voice to a movement and to the ideals that have always made America great and have been making America great again,” Pence said.

Pence recalled his own decade-long career in talk radio and said he would have probably never pursued politics if not for Limbaugh’s influence.

“I scarcely believe that I would have had the opportunities to serve in the Congress, serve the people of Indiana as governor, or to serve as your vice president without the life, the example, the encouragement, and ultimately the friendship of Rush Limbaugh,” he said.

The former vice president said he used to describe himself when he was a talk radio host as “Rush Limbaugh on decaf.”

Limbaugh, he said, reinvented AM radio across the country and inspired other conservatives to pursue their professional careers.

“He was a broadcast pioneer, and he inspired an entire generation of broadcasters across the country,” Pence said.

Pence recalled that Limbaugh was always backing up conservative lawmakers who were fighting the left and the Republican establishment in Washington.

“When I served in the House of Representatives, he was our greatest champion when we were fighting a rearguard action for conservative values,” he said.

Pence reassured Limbaugh’s family and his fans of his prayers as they mourned his loss.

“This country will never forget Rush Limbaugh, and I know that his legacy is going to live on for generations in the hearts of millions of Americans that he inspired. And it was an honor to know him, an honor to call him a friend, and he will be deeply missed,” Pence said. “God bless Rush Limbaugh.”


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