Poll: Clarence Thomas Is GOP’s Most Popular Supreme Court Justice

US Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas sits for an official photo with other m
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

According to an Economist and YouGov poll, Justice Clarence Thomas is the Republican Party’s most popular justice on the Supreme Court of the United States.

The survey asked whether there was a favorable or unfavorable opinion of the justices and found Thomas had a favorability of 59 percent within the Party, along with Justice Amy Coney Barrett with 55 percent and Justice Brett Kavanaugh with 53 percent favorability.

The top three best-known justices had very public controversial confirmation hearings, which could be one of the main factors in their overall public recognition. The three justices were also were in the top five justices the public had an option on. Sixty-seven percent had an opinion on Thomas, 66 percent had an opinion on Kavanaugh, and 64 percent had an opinion on Barrett, according to the survey

Justice Sonia Sotomayor received 62 percent of the public who expressed an opinion about her, making her the fourth best-known judge. This could be possibly be due to Vice President Kamala Harris’s recent swearing-in at her inauguration.

Chief Justice John Roberts received 59 percent of the public expressing some opinion about him., which makes him the fifth best-known judge.

The Economist/YouGov survey was taken between March 6-9, 2021, polling 1,500 adult U.S. citizens. The error margin is +/- 2.7 percent.

President Donald Trump appointed Barrett in 2020 and Kavanaugh in 2018. President Barack Obama appointed Sotomayor in 2009. President George W. Bush appointed Roberts in 2005. President George H. W. Bush appointed Thomas in 1991.


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