Kevin McCarthy: Nancy Pelosi Believes She Can ‘Pick and Choose Who is a Member of Congress’

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said during a press conference Wednesday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi believes she “has the right to pick and choose who is a member of Congress,” referencing her attempt to overturn an Iowa House race in favor of Democrat Rita Hart who lost in the 2020 election.

McCarthy traveled to Davenport, Iowa, to support Iowa’s Second Congressional District congresswoman, Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA). The House Republican Leader used this trip to rally support for Miller-Meeks in light of Pelosi’s attempt to add ranks to her slim majority by ‘stealing‘ a state-certified election.

During the press conference, McCarthy said, “Whether you’re Republican or Democrat and you’re a member of Congress, there are three things you should be working on, back to school, back to work, and back to health.”

McCarthy revealed the Democrats’ true intentions with the bills they have tried to pass. “Democrats put their very first bill, their most important bill, H.R. 1 wasn’t about putting the ten million out of work back in or about the kids back in the school or even more vaccines,” he said.

The bills Democrats have introduced are trying to change “election law and changing election law to give them an advantage and now, on the very first day of being sworn in, they wanted to question this election,” McCarthy argued, “even though the person who lost said the reason why they came to Congress just to get the outcome that they can have,” when he spoke about Rita Hart’s scheme to overturn the election in Congress as opposed to going through proper channels in Iowa’s legal system.

Given recent defections from swing-district Democrats, Pelosi’s attempt to expand her party’s slim majority would increase the possibility for her to move more partisan legislation through the House.

McCarthy questioned why Pelosi “[believes] she has the right to pick and choose who is a member of Congress.” “What happened to the people’s voice from Iowa, too?” McCarthy asked.

The voters of Iowa are rallying behind Miller-Meeks since the House Administration Committee, chaired by Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), has been working on a push to overturn the election. Rita Hart claims 22 votes should be counted but were wrongfully tossed out, despite the fact that Iowa election officials rejected them as illegal. Miller-Meeks officially won the election by six votes.

Following McCarthy’s Iowa trip, Hart announced late Wednesday she is withdrawing her challenge.


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