Surabian: The Left’s ‘Hostile Takeover’ of Corporate America Has ‘Unchained’ GOP

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Former Republican White House strategist Andrew Surabian joined SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday this weekend where he offered a message to members of the Republican Party across America, telling them not bend a knee to “corporate interests,” warning that these organizations are “not your friend.”

Surabian’s interview came on the heels of Major League Baseball’s decision to pull out of Atlanta, Georgia, for its All Star-Game in response to a recently passed voting reform law in Georgia.

“We’ve really been seeing a merger between big government and big business,” Surabian told host Matthew Boyle, questioning how businesses have begun to correlate themselves with “woke” policies and the “absolute hypocrisy of the left.”

“If they really wanna go woke, if they really want to claim that they care about these issues, we need to start making these people live by the laws they set for the rest of us,” Surabian continued. “Do you really think the MLB cares about that issue or do they use issues like voter ID and diversity to shield their company from criticism over issues they actually care about like wages or deals that they’ve cut.”

“One good thing to come out of this hostile takeover by the left of corporate America is hopefully it has unchained the Republican Party from corporate interests,” Surabian said, adding:

Republicans, hear me, you do not have to do the bidding at the business roundtable anymore, you do not have to do the bidding of the Chamber of Commerce, or Delta, or Coca-Cola. These companies hate you, they hate your values, they hate what you believe, they are not your friend, and even if they give you a $1,000 check, they’re writing $5 million checks to [Black Lives Matter]. So, the one good thing that could come out of this whole thing is if the Republican Party can finally wake up and understand that we don’t need to be tied into what the corporations want. We should be the party that stands up for the individual, for families, and against the woke left, and against big corporations, and against big government, and against big labor, and against all of these huge multi-national institutions that want to run our lives. We owe nothing to these people.

“There’s been a big shift, and I really do think there’s something good will come out of it if Republicans hopefully finally realize that they don’t need to sing to the tune of corporations anymore,” Surabian said. “Let the Democrats be the party of radical activists and what the big corporations want, a political loser.”

“People hate this [political correctness] stuff,” Surabian added in conclusion. “Every poll shows 60 percent of Americans cannot stand cancel culture, they don’t like political correctness. There’s a big backlash coming. Let these corporations side with the left and let’s make them regret it.”

To listen to Surabian’s full interview with Breitbart News, which also involved a conversation of COVID-19 vaccines and passports, click here.

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