GOP Rep. Donalds: Arguing Voter ID Suppresses Black Vote ‘Disrespectful’ and ‘Pisses Me Off’

On Monday’s broadcast of Fox News Radio’s “Fox Across America,” Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) stated that arguing that voter ID laws suppress the black vote is “disrespectful. It is literally the soft bigotry of low expectations.” And “pisses me off.”

Donalds said, “It bothers the hell out of me. And what’s worse is that they never show data how, somehow, black people don’t have access to IDs or it disproportionately affects them because they simply can’t get it. They just say it. … And I find it, frankly, it’s disrespectful. It is literally the soft bigotry of low expectations. Because what you’re saying is is that a black kid can’t get an ID. … And so, for the left to use this as somehow, having an ID is somehow hindering your right to vote is outrageous to me. It pisses me off.”

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