Jen Psaki: Vaccine Outreach to White Conservatives Includes CMT and NASCAR

The White House

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday the administration would continue working to encourage white conservatives to get the coronavirus vaccine.

“We’ve run PSAs on the Deadliest Catch, we’re engaged with NASCAR and Country Music TV, we’re looking for a range of creative ways to get directly connected to white conservative communities,” she said.

Psaki spoke about the outreach to white conservatives in reaction to a question during the White House press briefing about people in Southern states resisting federal health officials’ pleas to get vaccinated.

“Often people think of that as just black and brown communities and that is not,” she said, adding that “conservative communities” and “white evangelicals” also are hesitant to get the coronavirus vaccine.

Psaki added that Dr. Anthony Fauci and other federal health officials would continue participating in interviews to spread the message about the importance of getting the vaccine.

She conceded Biden and the rest of the administration needed messaging assistance from local leaders and pastors to encourage Americans to get the vaccine.

“We won’t always be the best messengers but we’re still trying to meet people where they are, but also empowering local organizations,” she said.


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