Darrell Issa to Introduce Legislation to Allow Ride to Honor POW/MIA Veterans After Biden Administration’s Denial

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 27: U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) listens during a House Judiciary Subcommittee hearing on the proposed merger of CVS Health and Aetna, on Capitol Hill, February 27, 2018 in Washington, DC. CVS Health is planning a $69 billion deal to acquire Aetna, an American healthcare company. …
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California Rep. Darrell Issa (R) released a statement Thursday calling on President Joe Biden to reverse a decision made by the Pentagon to reject a permit for the Rolling to Remember motorcycle ride to honor POW/MIA veterans.

“I call on President Biden to reverse the Pentagon’s insulting decision to block patriotic Americans from organizing in remembrance of POW/MIAs in Washington, D.C. this Memorial Day,” Issa said. “Just days ago, President Biden hosted an outdoor drive-in political rally. The Rolling to Remember outdoor ride-in event is no less deserving of approval, yet was denied by the Administration.”

“If this decision stands, their priorities are backwards,” he added. “Now is the time to do the right thing. Memorial Day is weeks away. Approve the event permit and welcome patriotic veterans with pride. If the Administration does not act, I am authoring legislation to ensure that it does not shut out these veterans.”

Last week it was reported that under Biden’s leadership, the Pentagon has rejected a permit for the annual Rolling to Remember motorcycle ride that is held in Washington, DC, each Memorial Day to honor POW/MIA veterans.

AMVETS, the event organizer, was formerly granted a permit, but that was rescinded by the Pentagon over health concerns and the coronavirus.

Speaking to Breitbart News on Thursday, Joe Chenelly, the national executive director of AMVETS, said that Pentagon officials “wouldn’t communicate with us” and to this day “still haven’t really communicated with us.”

Regardless of the Pentagon’s denial, Chenelly said the event will go on as a “plan B and a Plan C” are ready.

“Absolutely. We will do something. As a matter of fact we were just at RFK’s parking lot this afternoon and we have a plan B and a plan C,” Chenelly said. “Plan B is to stage at RFK parking lot, but that requires a waiver from the district.”

“Plan C is staging around the National Mall in downtown D.C. on the public streets,” Chenelly added. “That doesn’t require a permit because this is a First Amendment event.”

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