Exclusive: Louisiana AG Landry Says ‘Bans Against Any Firearms Are Ridiculous’

Breitbart News sat down this week to discuss the Second Amendment with Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and he shared his view "bans against any firearms are ridiculous."
AWR Hawkins/Breitbart News

Breitbart News sat down to discuss the Second Amendment with Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and he shared his view “bans against any firearms are ridiculous.”

Landry made his statement in the context of explaining his role in seeking to get the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) to defend the Second Amendment by striking down New Jersey’s “high capacity” magazine ban.

Breitbart News brought up the coalition of 24 states which AG Landry is leading in hopes of SCOTUS intervention in New Jersey’s ban.

AG Landry responded by affirming “bans against any firearm are ridiculous. What makes this country, Louisiana included, a great nation, are the rights that have been enshrined in our Bill of Rights. In that owning a firearm and being able to protect your castle are bedrock principles of liberty.”

He asserted that as long as he’s attorney general, “we’re going to work to protect Second Amendment rights.”

During another part of our discussion, we focused on how gun control often corelates with more murder, more crime.

For example, Breitbart News pointed out that murders in Los Angeles County are up 95 percent, even though California has universal background checks, a red flag law, an “assault weapons” ban, a 10-day waiting period on gun purchases, etc.

Breitbart News suggested the firearm rules restrict the law-abiding citizen, but the criminal keeps going.

AG Landry responded, “In the town that I grew up in they used to have a sign, it said, ‘When guns are [outlawed], only outlaws will have guns.’ It’s pretty simple. I don’t know what makes people believe that the tighter the gun law, the more honest it makes the criminal.”

He talked about the ironies he sees in ‘woke culture,” as it pertains to gun control, and pointed out that he does not understand adding more “anti-gun statutes” just to make things “more onerous on people.”

AG Landry added, “There is nothing more scary than to have to face someone with gun, and there is nothing more useless than to be without one with faced that way.”

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