Leftist Media Site Deletes Triple-Abortion Story After Backlash

Very Pregnant Woman
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A progressive website focused on sharing “good news” faced backlash after posting a now-deleted story of a same-sex couple who underwent a triple-abortion.

The women, who married in Seattle in 2013 before same sex-unions were legal in their home state of Arizona, decided they wanted to have a child. After a few attempts at artificial insemination, a doctor phoned the couple, informing them of “REALLY POSITIVE” lab work, the story on Love What Matters reads.

The five-week ultrasound revealed not one, not two, but five beating hearts.

The woman who submitted the story to the media site said she was immediately confronted with “instant panic,” “worry, and stress.” The high-risk pregnancy reportedly left her with few options, which she listed:

Option 1: DNC the entire pregnancy and start over

Option 2: attempt to carry all five to some sort of viable stage in pregnancy—end up on bed rest and one of us has to quit our jobs and stay home because five is just an overwhelming number.

Option 3: find someone that can do a ‘selective reduction,’ or in other words ‘selective abortion.’

All of them are hard and all of them were not ideal. We took time to think about it. Cried. Prayed. Spoke with family and friends and confided in one another as to what we could do.

The couple decided to travel to California because no one in Arizona would perform a “selective reduction.” The mother had to carry all five of the babies to 12 weeks to reduce the risk of ending the entire pregnancy, according to the submission. At 12 weeks, a baby is almost as big as a lime, has a developing digestive system, bone marrow, and hormones, according to maternity website “what to expect.” The mother wrote:

So, I took six amniocentesis needles through my abdomen to penetrate the fetuses that the doctor chose to reduce. Six! It was 25 minutes of toe-curling, heart-breaking, hand squeezing pain. I’ve never cried so hard. Broken. Despite the traumatic pregnancy story, I am truly blessed. I know we made the right decision for our forever family. We are blessed with two beautiful children and we are forever grateful. Leo and Hunter were born completely healthy and right on time.

The couple is now raising twins, who were diagnosed with autism at three-years-old, according to the submission.

The story was posted to the media site’s official Instagram page for two days before it was taken down on Monday. While it was still posted, the story garnered a negative response from commenters, including the pro-life non-profit Live Action. 


A few hours later, the story was completely erased from the website. According to an Instagram story on Live Action founder Lila Rose’s social media page, Love What Matters received backlash from thousands of pro-life supporters:

A huge backlash from thousands of YOU who were horrified and heartbroken over this open celebration of killing 3 babies, Love What Matters deleted both the Instagram post and the blog on their site. This is good but it is not enough,” Rose’s Instagram story read.

In her Instagram story, Rose further commented, saying the company’s name is ironic considering they were “celebrating the the “selective reduction” of 5 babies…”

According to Love What MattersAbout Page, their company “celebrate[s] kindness, compassion, hope, forgiveness and love.”

“Love What Matters exists to spread real stories by real people far and wide, to celebrate the love, kindness and compassion they represent – while reminding us that these things do not happen by default, they’re a daily choice,” it says.

Breitbart News reached out to Love What Matters and is waiting for a response.


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