Trump: Foreign Countries ‘Emptying Their Prisons’ into U.S. Thanks to Biden

Matt Perdie / Breitbart News

Former President Trump says foreign countries are “emptying their prisons into the United States” thanks to President Joe Biden’s generous open borders policy at the U.S.-Mexico border and the gutting of interior immigration enforcement.

During a rally on Saturday evening in Lorain County, Ohio, Trump said the “radical left Democrats” are helping to bring a “massive crime” wave to the U.S. via illegal immigration.

“Other countries are emptying their prisons into the United States … ‘let’s send them to the United States and they’ll get in,’ because nobody even checks who is coming into our country — it’s insanity,” Trump said.

“It’s destroying our country … they’re murderers and drug dealers,” Trump continued before reading the poem “The Snake.”

Trump also detailed a series of recent crimes by illegal aliens:

Just this month, a previously deported illegal alien in Massachusetts with prior charges for murder and many other things gunned down a man in broad daylight, shooting him viciously and violently as he lay in the street four times.

Recently in Louisiana … an illegal alien who entered the country as an unaccompanied minor under Obama was charged with hacking a woman and their 15-year-old sister into very small pieces with a machete and stabbing two other people to death.

And right here in Ohio, a twice-deported fugitive MS-13 Gang member … he was charged with murder, he was discovered in Galloway after entering our country for a third time, and bad things happened.

“They’re emptying their prisons … in the Republican Party we do not believe that violent criminals should be welcomed into our country. We believe they should be promptly deported,” Trump said.

Since Biden took office, he has implemented “sanctuary country” orders that prevent illegal aliens from being deported unless they are recently convicted aggravated felons, known terrorists, or gang members.

As a result, the Biden administration had successfully forced down the number of criminal illegal aliens in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody as criminal illegal aliens are being released from county jails and state prisons, including convicted sex offenders, into American communities.

The data showed that as of May 3, just a little more than 5,200 criminal illegal aliens were in ICE custody. Compare that total to the number of criminal illegal aliens ICE had detained in May 2019, when more than 23,200 were in custody.

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