Donald Trump Thrills New Hampshire Rally by Bringing Back ‘The Snake’

President Donald Trump energized his rally crowd in New Hampshire by reading the lyrics to the poem “The Snake,” revisiting a classic part of his 2016 campaign speech.

“You know I have something, because people were screaming to me for the last four or five rallies, ‘Read The Snake’ Trump said during his rally in Manchester, New Hampshire.

He noted that his early and most devoted supporters in 2016 loved it when he read, “The Snake,” a song by Al Wilson, inspired by a poem by the same name by Oscar Brown. Trump first picked the poem during his campaign as a thematic work about the dangers of illegal immigration.

“I used to do this a lot and people couldn’t get enough of it. To be honest, I haven’t done it for a while,” Trump said.

Some in the crowd began shouting “snake!” as the president teased the poem.

Trump said he wanted to treat his New Hampshire supporters to a reading of the poem ahead of the state primary for Democrats, reminding them that all the Democrat candidates support open borders.

The president has not read the poem live since delivering a CPAC speech in 2018.


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