Trump: Because of Me, Afghanistan Was Safer for Americans than Chicago or New York

Former President Donald Trump said Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” the Taliban did not kill American soldiers for the last year and a half because he told them he would hit back very hard.

Trump added that it was safer for Americans in Afghanistan than it is in Chicago or New York.

Trump said, “We had a great deal and worked on a very hard. Mike Pompeo, brilliant guy and many others worked on it endlessly. Meetings with the Taliban, of course, you have to meet with the Taliban. They are the ones who are negotiating with. I spoke on numerous occasions to the head of the Taliban, and we had a very strong conversation. I told him upfront — I said, look at, before we start, let me just tell you right now that if anything happens to Americans or anybody else or if you ever come over to our land, we will hit you with a force that no country has ever been hit with before. A force so great to that you won’t even believe it.”

Trump said, “We have to tell you also that we lost no soldiers in the last year and a half because of me and because of the understanding that we had. Think of that, in Chicago and in New York and in other cities in the United States. Many people die every weekend. We lost no soldiers in Afghanistan because they knew I was not going to put up with it. That’s what happened. So we had a very strong conversation.”

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