Democrat Kurt Schrader Sends Month Old Pictures Pretending to be in District While Vacationing

Rep. Kurt Schrader D-OR., accompanied by Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., speaks during a news conference, ahead of a House vote on a bill that would prevent Soring in training Tennessee Walking horses on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, July 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)
AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-OR) sent a “Congressional Update” email to his constituents which included photos of him visiting residents in his district; however, at the time the email was sent, the congressman was actually enjoying a four-week-long horseback riding vacation.

While the congressman was gallivanting across the country on a horse with his wife, Schrader’s office has sent multiple pictures of himself visiting constituents, some being a month old.

His office sent the email blast on August 17, with the pictures previously published on Twitter in July, before Schrader’s last email blast was sent on July 20, without including any of the pictures while they were new.

Schrader, in his email, failed to mention that he would be going on a road trip during the August recess, leaving his constituents to believe he spent August doing “District Work,” which is what election officials typically do during their time away from Washington, D.C.

The congressman included pictures of himself at Sar-Ben Farms, Inc., a fifth-generation family-owned farm, in his email blast. He wrote that he “toured the organic dairy to see how this is building a more resilient agriculture system in Oregon to deliver quality food and fiber.”:

However, Schrader tweeted pictures of his tour on July 15, over a month before sending his August email and five days before sending his email in July.

Schrader also claimed to have visited the groundbreaking event for the New Epping Homestead Boys and Girls Club, and their “new clubhouse will include office space for mental health and women’s and children’s services as well as ball fields and play areas.”:

Nonetheless, Schrader used the same picture he tweeted for the event on July 14, over a month before sending his August email and six days before sending his email in July.

The Democrat also included pictures of touring the Oregon Humane Society, where they are “expanding its campus to help even more pets and people,” adding that he is a veterinarian and wanted to see their plans:

Despite that, Schrader used two of the three pictures he tweeted from his tour on July 16, over a month before sending his August email and four days before sending his email in July.

In the email, Schrader also included his trip to G&C Farms, where the congressman went “to see the devastating toll the heatwave took on the family farm’s blackberries.” In his blurb about the farm, he added that they need “additional federal and state assistance to support operations and increase resiliency in the face of our changing climate.”:

Schrader’s trip date to G&C Farms is unknown. However, he used two of the three pictures he tweeted on July 19 when he visited the farm “last week,” meaning the farm visit was way over a month before he sent his August email and at least a week before the July email was sent out to constituents.

Fox News reported that Schrader decided to take a trip from Maryland to Oregon with his wife on horseback instead of using his “District Work” time to meet with constituents.

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