Watch: Trump Releases Brutal Ad Bashing Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster

Trump Ad Surrenderer in Chief SAVE AMERICA

On Tuesday, former President Trump flexed his attack muscles when he released a brutal ad bashing President Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Released shortly after President Biden’s press conference in which he committed to the original deadline of pulling troops out of Afghanistan by August 31 – a lofty goal, according to Washington insiders – the ad relays President Biden’s “America is back” speech amid a montage of footage showing the chaos in Afghanistan and the chaos here at home. Take a look:

According to Reuters, Biden committed to having all troops out of Afghanistan by the August 31 deadline after the Taliban would not agree to extend the date any further. Speaking to reporters on Capitol Hill following a classified intel briefing on Monday, House Intelligence Committee Chair Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that it’s “very unlikely” evacuations in Afghanistan will be over by August 31 due to the overwhelming number of Americans, Afghan allies, and potential refugees currently stranded in the region amid an increasingly hostile security threat.


Thursday on CBS’s “This Morning,” Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) called former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s “patriotism” into question after slamming President Donald Trump in his new book, “In the Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir.” 


I think it’s possible, but I think it’s very unlikely. Given the number of Americans who still need to be evacuated, the number of SIVs, the number of others who are members of the Afghan press, civil society leaders, women leaders. It’s hard for me to imagine all of that can be accomplished between now and the end of the month.

Defense officials confirmed to Breitbart News on Tuesday that the withdrawal of U.S. troops has already begun in Afghanistan and will be completed by August 31.


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