Nolte: Unlike BLM, Ibram X. Kendi Refuses to Declare Vaccine Mandates ‘Racist’

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If you want to watch a shameless, sellout grifter squirm, watch this video of Ibram X. Kendi as he tries to explain why vaccine mandates are not racist.

QUESTION: Any policy or potential policy that would have a disproportionate racial impact is a racist policy. So if that is the case, then, would vaccine mandates, that disproportionately affect people of color—would that be a racist policy?

KENDI: There’s two different measures. One measure finds that white Americans are most likely to be resistant to getting the vaccine. There’s other data that finds that black and Latinx groups are the least likely to be vaccinated. So, as a result, it’s hard to say. But what I will say, is, to me, the actual problem isn’t the vaccine mandate. The actual problem is … a lack of accessibility to the vaccine that is actually leading to them having a lower rate, whereas with white Americans it’s more or less the result of their political ideology.

While the left-wing domestic terrorist group Black Lives Matter is finally doing something worthwhile — protesting fascist vaccine mandates that disproportionately affect black Americans — you know, because black Americans are disproportionately choosing not to get vaccinated, this sellout grifter is refusing to speak that truth. And we all know why. He doesn’t want to lose his cushy spot on the establishment media’s gravy train.

This is a man with priorities, and those priorities have nothing to do with what’s best for black Americans.

All this sellout grifter cares about is what’s best for this sellout grifter.

You see, the moment he speaks out against these fascist vaccine mandates is the moment he loses the good opinion of the establishment, most especially the fascist media. There’s just too much money for Kendi to ever have the moral courage to do something like that, so his fellow black people come in second.

He’s a total sellout, a moral coward, and someone who believes everything is racism except real racism.

I would add that his dodge is a bald-faced lie. He’s pretending black people are not vaccinated at the same rates as whites because of access. This is nothing close to true. There is no Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, or any other pharmacy where a “person of any color” cannot walk into right now and get a vaccination within a few minutes.

But in order to prove just what a sellout grifter Kendi is, let’s pretend he’s correct. Let’s pretend the problem is accessibility. No, really, to confirm just want a sellout grifter this guy is; let’s take him at his word and pretend we live in a world where black people are disproportionately unvaccinated due to vaccine access.

If that’s true, does that not make vaccine mandates ALL THE MORE racist?

After all, here we are, keeping black people away from vaccines and then persecuting them with vaccine mandates they cannot comply with.

What would be more racist than that?

Nothing would be more racist than that.

Which proves Ibram X. Kendi is a sellout grifter.

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