GOP Rep. Gonzales: Biden Admin Will Reinstate Remain in Mexico ‘Because They Have to’

Friday, Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) weighed in on the Trump-era Remain in Mexico policy that has been reinstated.

Although the policy is supposed to go into effect on Monday, Fox Business Network “Mornings with Maria” host Maria Bartiromo noted that some at the border don’t think President Joe Biden would actually enforce it.

Gonzales said the Biden administration would enforce the policy “because they have to.”

“I think it’s good news that the Biden administration is finally looking at the Trump Remain in Mexico policy that worked,” Gonzales outlined. “I think that’s a good step in the right direction. This is also about House leadership, House Republican leadership. Under Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise, the House Republicans have pushed hard on this Remain in Mexico policy, but we can’t stop now. We’ve got to make sure that they do roll it out. We’ve had over 100 members of our caucus go to the border. You yourself were at the border to see it firsthand. We need to bring Democrats to the border to see it as well. The Remain in Mexico policy is only the start of many policies that worked under the Trump administration that need to get reinstated.”

“So, it sounds like you think that the administration will, in fact, do this. They will reinstate this Trump-era policy?” Bartiromo clarified.

“I do think they do,” Gonzales replied. “I think they’ll do it because they have to do it.”

He added, “They are going to have to do something. The Remain in Mexico policy is a good start.”

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