AOC Claims American Workers Rely on Illegal Aliens ‘to Survive,’ Demands Amnesty 

Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez Rages
Don Emmert / AFP / Getty

Socialist superstar Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) claimed on Tuesday American workers rely on illegal aliens crossing our border “to survive” while she drummed up support for Senate amnesty measures.

“We just lived through one, almost two years now, of a pandemic… where our country relied on undocumented people to survive,” she said, not acknowledging how inexpensive labor drives down wages for American citizens.

Ocasio-Cortez continued to claim illegal aliens were employed during the pandemic by American companies to perform essential tasks, such as stocking grocery shelves and performing elder care.

“Who else was sanitizing our buildings, who else was caring for our elders, who else was harvesting our food, who else was stocking our shelves except immigrant labor in our country?” she asked.

Despite border patrol agents encountering 164,303 migrants along the southwest border in October before their being released into the interior of the United States, flooding the American economy with inexpensive labor while hiking rent prices, Ocasio-Cortez demanded millions of illegal immigrants be granted amnesty.

“Our demand is for the Senate to override the parliamentarian. Include a full path to citizenship,” she said about President Biden’s reconciliation package full of leftist goodies.

The Senate parliamentarian earlier in 2021 ruled amnesty could not be included in Biden’s package due to its non-relation to budgeting measures, which is reconciliation’s guiding principle.

“The Senate needs to step up and override the parliamentarian… the parliamentarian was not elected. It is not an elected position,” she added without recognizing both the Senate and the House are institutions that are run by elected officials in a democratic republic.

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