Cultural Marxism, Queer Theory, and ‘The Gateway to Hell’ with Alex Marlow and Dr. James Lindsay Panel on ‘The Charlie Kirk Show’

Charlie Kirk, Dr. James Lindsay, Alex Marlow discuss CRT and Queer Theory for Charlie Kirk
Matt Perdie/Breitbart News

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow, and author and mathematician Dr. James Lindsay talked about how leftist doctrines like Queer Theory are “the gateway to hell” in a recent episode of The Charlie Kirk Show.

During the podcast episode, which included a panel featuring the trio at TPUSA’s recent AmeriaFest conference in Phoenix, Arizona, Lindsay explained that Critical Race Theory is a “funnel into Queer Theory.” Lindsay said:

This is what Mao Zedong did, he separated the culture into five categories that were considered red, for communist, and five categories that were considered black, for being bad. And he gave people black identities and a pathway to become a red guard by joining a red identity.

Lindsay went on to explain that Critical Race Theory operates in a similar manner, and white children in schools are able to gain their red cards so long as they lose their sense of their own identity.

“So if you’re white, you have a black racial cultural identity under Critical Race Theory, but if you become gender fluid, you have a red one now,” he said. “This is Mao’s education program from 1966 remade in America, and it worked.”

Lindsay continued:

Queer and Queer Theory means an identity without an essence. You will not know who you are, you will not grow up well, and you are going to have some weird 18-syllable sexuality, different romantic orientation, and 12 genders, and you’re going to come home, and you’re going to tell your parents, “You don’t understand what it’s like.”

And the family is broken. One generation to the next it split. And you’re going to not know who you are, and you’re going to be manipulatable, and you’re going to break away from your religion. Christianity says God created man and woman, and they’re meant to be partners and complements. So Christianity doesn’t get it, so the kids reject Christianity. Queer Theory is the gateway to hell.

Marlow added that Critical Race Theory is:

…also a distraction from the fact that so many of the solutions to the problems in this country right now are actually found in documents we can read and talk about today, our founding documents, the federalist papers, the Bible, the Judeo-Christian values that our country was founded on.

“There are answers for us here,” he said. “And we cannot read them or talk about them, because we have to do so much defense against gender queer theory, and whether or not you’re a terrorist because you don’t like men using the women’s bathroom.”

“That is the whole trick, and the road is to dismantle the foundation of this country,” Marlow affirmed. “That is the direction this is heading if we don’t start changing the conversation right now.”

You can listen to the full episode of The Charlie Kirk Show here.

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