Exclusive — U.S. Senate Candidate Eric Greitens: ‘The RINOs Have Failed Us’

In this May 17, 2018, photo, Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens stands off to the side before stepping up to the podium to deliver remarks to a small group of supporters near the capitol announcing the release of funds for the state's biodiesel program in Jefferson City, Mo. A St. Louis …
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Former governor of Missouri and front-running candidate in his U.S. Senate race, Eric Greitens (R), said he believes the future of the Republican Party has no place for “RINOs” (Republican in Name Only).

Greitens, who has come out against Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) while on the campaign trail, told Breitbart News Saturday the “country is in crisis” and the “RINOs have failed us,” including McConnell, who “has repeatedly stabbed [former President Donald Trump] and the American people in the back.”

“We need to have strong new leadership, and we have to have that because we have to recognize what’s happening at this moment,” Greitens said.


Greitens specifically said the “left is actively trying to destroy this country” and pointed to billionaire Democrat megadonor George Soros as an example, saying he “funds evil” by supporting district attorneys and leftist organizations around the country and “funneling tens of millions of dollars into politics.”

“Then, you see the propaganda-press repeat all the leftist lies, and then the RINOs cower. Because of their corruption and their cowardice, they cower,” he continued.

Greitens has had his own run-ins with unfounded accusations and Soros-backed prosecutors. St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner has faced ethical complaints over the prosecution of Greitens. Gardner hired former-FBI agent William Don Tisaby in 2018 to investigate Greitens when he was governor over accusations that he had an affair and intimidated the woman into silence by threatening to expose compromising pictures of her. Greitens denies the accusations, but he stepped down from the governorship amid the subsequent upheaval.

Tisaby has since been charged with six counts of perjury and one count of evidence tampering, “all felonies, stemming from sworn statements in a March 2018 deposition before an invasion of privacy trial set for then-Gov. Eric Greitens,” the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. He is set to stand trial on March 28.

Just last week, Greitens was cleared of accusations that he had illegally used his state campaign account to fuel his bid for the U.S. Senate. The allegations stemmed from a D.C.-based advocacy group, which Greitens said is also funded by Soros.

“All the great fighters knew — Winston Churchill knew, Teddy Roosevelt knew — that if you’re fighting for the right things, you’re going to have enemies, and RINOs don’t want to have enemies,” Greitens said. “…I’m happy that George Soros is one of my enemies. I’m happy that George Soros and the leftists are always coming after us because they’re coming after me because I’ve been fighting for the people of Missouri. They’re coming after me because I fight for ‘America First’ patriots.”

He continued, “So yes, just in the last 48 hours, once again, it was a George Soros-funded organization [who] set another complaint against us — another made-up series of lies. And then what happened? Once again, they found that these are all a bunch of nonsense lies. We were exonerated again, and we continue to go forward.”


Hungarian-born U.S. investor George Soros receives the Schumpeter Award 2019 in Vienna, Austria, on June 21, 2019. (Photo by GEORG HOCHMUTH/APA/AFP via Getty Images)

Greitens said, through his experiences, “the Soros mask of corruption is finally being ripped off,” and everyone will “be able to see the truth…”

“Because what they did to me — a George Soros-funded prosecutor hired a former FBI agent to create a false case against me. That former FBI agent has now been charged with seven felonies for perjury and evidence tampering for creating a false case against me. And he is going to be going to trial. Hopefully, he’ll be the first person who goes to prison for trying to illegally overturn the results of the 2016 election,” Greitens alleged.

With optimism about the direction of the GOP, the 2022 midterms, and the 2024 presidential election, Greitens said the “last chapter of this story is yet to be written…”

“…And that is that Patriots win. We’re gonna take our country back. We’re going to revive the Republic, and we’re going say no to the left, no to the mainstream media,” he said. “And we’re gonna push the RINOs aside and take back the Republican Party and make it an ‘America First’ party.”

Greitens, who says he is the “first candidate in the country” to come out against McConnell, is polling at 30.5 percent, according to a recent survey. His rating is seven points over Missouri Attorney General and U.S. Senate candidate Eric Schmitt, who has failed to say whether he would oppose McConnell as Senate leader after the 2022 midterms.

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