Joe Biden to Americans: Buy an Electric Car and Save up to $80 a Month on Gas

US President Joe Biden meets with business leaders to discuss the Bipartisan Innovation Ac
NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images

President Joe Biden urged Americans on Thursday to purchase an electric car to escape high gas prices, promising to “double down” on his pursuit of green energy.

“We need to double down on our commitment to green energy,” Bided said in a speech at the White House on his plan to help reduce the cost of gas.

The president blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for the spike in gas prices as well as the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

He spoke at length about his green energy subsidy plans currently awaiting support from Congress.

“Under my plan, which is before the Congress now, we can take advantage of the next generation of electric vehicles, that a typical driver will save about $80 a month from not having to pay gas at the pump,” Biden boasted.

Biden was presumably referring to his Build Back Better Plan, which would offer as much as a $12,500 rebate for customers purchasing new electric cars.

The president also urged oil companies to produce more on their existing federal land oil leases, but said he would not back down on environmental standards or the pursuit of green energy.

“I’m open to ideas to strengthen the plan,” he said. “But I will not be put off and put it on hold.”

He said green energy policies would actually reduce the amount of oil that Americans would use.

“Between ramping up production in the short term and driving down demand in the long term, we can free ourselves from our dependence of oil around the world,” he said.


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