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Tory MEP: Time To Stop Driving Cars… Because Of Climate Change

“Time to stop cars driving climate change,” writes a Member of the European Parliament at HuffPo. Naturally, your assumption will be that the politician responsible for such bilge is either going to be Green or Labour or possibly from one of

electric cars

No One Wants To Buy Electric Cars. Good.

No one wants to buy electric cars. Americans bought just 102,600 such vehicles in 2015, a 17 percent decline from the previous year, according to researcher Autodata. Nissan Motor Co. sold 43 percent fewer of its all-electric Leaf and General Motors

The Chevrolet Bolt EV electric car is unveiled at CES International Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016, in Las Vegas.

Requiem For the Electric Car: Titanic Subsidies, Miniscule Sales

We are all forced, at gunpoint, to lavishly subsidize the manufacture and sale of electric cars, which tend to be a boutique product for very rich people. Every step of production and sale is juiced with subsidies. No one is selling electric cars for their actual market price, and even with all that subsidy sugar to help the medicine go down, hardly anyone is interested in buying them. It’s one of the biggest forced transfers of wealth from middle-income taxpayers to rich people ever conceived.

Obama visits Solyndra (Getty)

Tesla Uses California Cash to Take over Solyndra Building

Following Tesla Motors, Inc.’s (TSLA-NASDAQ) big award of California tax credits for promising to add 4500 jobs, the all-electric automaker just signed a lease to occupy the cavernous 500,000 square feet Solyndra plant at 901 Page Ave. in Fremont, California.

Tesla being towed to dealer.

Tesla Blows through Cash; Stock Plummets on Loss

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) stock price plunged by -7.4% in premarket trading on Thursday after the company announced that deliveries had fallen short, problems had affected production, and a strong dollar had hurt earnings. Those earnings turned out to be a real

Consumer Electronics Show 2015 (Courtesy Audi)

Consumer Electronics Show Opens with Focus on Cars

Consumer Electronics Show 2015 opened Monday morning in Las Vegas to throngs of the digerati hoping to get a peek at the latest technology trends and styles. Unlike shows in the past that featured connected gadgets and media, this year’s focus seems to be on the automobile as the ultimate connected consumer electronics platform.


Tesla Launches 400-Mile-per-Charge Roadster 3.0

On Dec. 26, Tesla previewed its next generation of Sports Roadster that will feature up to a 50% improvement in charge range. Tesla claims that design refinements and a 31% increase in energy storage will allow the Roadster 3.0 to drive easily from San Francisco to Los Angeles on a single charge. Tesla has not set a release date or pricing at this time.