Delaware Poll: Only 50 Percent Approve of Joe Biden in Home State

US President Joe Biden speaks to members of the media prior to boarding Air Force One at D
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President Joe Biden’s approval rating has evaporated in his home state of Delaware, a Tuesday Morning Consult poll revealed.

Biden’s approval rating is only 50 percent in Delaware, dropping from 62 percent at a similar time last year. Forty-five percent disapprove of Biden, up from 32 percent last year.

Biden’s net approval rating is only +4 in his home state. Last year, Biden’s net approval rating was near +30 points.

Delaware is one of ten states where Biden’s approval rating is above water, according to the poll. In 40 states, the president is underwater. Biden holds a net positive approval rating in Democrat states like Vermont, California, Washington, New York, and Maryland. However, in Rhode Island, Biden’s net approval rating of Biden just +4 points. In Illinois, Biden’s net approval rating is +2.

The president is underwater by double digits in 33 states, “from conservative enclaves such as West Virginia and Wyoming, to battlegrounds that were pivotal to his 2020 victory, such as Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia,” the poll analyzed.

Biden’s net approval rating has sunk by more than 20 percentage points since last year in all Senate battleground states or fiercely contested House races in November. In Colorado, for instance, Biden’s net approval rating is -2 (47-49 percent). Biden won the Centennial State by 14 points in 2020.

Biden’s low polling is bad news for Democrats. If Democrats have any hope of stopping Republicans from retaking the Senate and the House, it would be reflected in Biden’s poll numbers. Positive presidential polling generally means congressional races will receive a presidential boost. It seems unlikely the Democrats will receive a boost from Biden before November. Biden’s campaign pollster recently indicated the current political environment is the worst he has seen in 30 years.

Republicans could be on the verge of a historic election. In the Senate, polling released on Thursday showed voters heavily favoring Republicans by nine points on a generic ballot (48-39 percent). The generic ballot is important because it indicates congressional Republicans have a national advantage over Democrats regardless of the candidate. In specific Senate races, Republicans are leading in ArizonaNew HampshireGeorgia, and Nevada.

In the House, Cook Political Report, David Wasserman, believes Republicans will have a huge advantage. Cook estimates only 15 Republican districts either lean Republican or are likely Republican holds. In contrast, 27 Democrat-held districts either lean that way or are likely Democrat districts.

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