Poll: Republican Mayra Flores Leads Democrat in Deep Blue Border District

Flores AP Photo/Eric Gay
AP Photo/Eric Gay

Republican Mayra Flores is leading her Democrat opponent Dan Sanchez in the special election for Texas’s 34th congressional district, a new poll finds.

Flores’s internal polling, conducted by Ragnar Research, shows her leading with 24 percent against Sanchez at 19 percent. About 41 percent of voters in the district remain undecided.

“Republicans have a real chance to win this district for the first time ever and flip a Democrat-held seat,” pollster Chris Perkins wrote in a memo reviewed by Politico.

The poll also showed that voters in the deep blue United States-Mexico border community are turned off by President Joe Biden. About 55 percent of voters in the district disapprove of his presidency while just 41 percent approve.

Biden’s poll numbers in the region bode well for Republicans, the poll found, where Republicans lead Democrats by three percentage points in a generic ballot.

Flores’s run is significant as the congressional district has been a Democrat stronghold since its inception in 2012. For example, Democrats have won the seat with 55 to 62 percent of the vote in the last five races.

“South Texas is very conservative. We are all about God, family, and country. We’re very hardworking,” Flores told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview. “Our values align with the Republican Party. But you know, for so long, it’s the lack of education. A lot of people don’t know what the Republican Party stands for.”

For over a year, Breitbart News has chronicled the rise of Republicans in local, state, and federal elections along the United States-Mexico border, specifically in Texas. In the 2020 election, for instance, support for Trump surged in border communities that are majority Hispanic and have long been reliable Democrat strongholds.

Last year, Republican Javier Villalobos defeated a Democrat in the McAllen, Texas mayoral election. The community sits on the border and is majority Hispanic.

In interviews with the New York Times, Republicans running in elections along the border noted that a “quiet political upheaval” is coming for local, state, and federal races where they hope to flip a number of seats from Democrat to Republican.

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