D.C. Public Schools’ Equity Coordinator Boasts About Calling out ‘Whiteness’

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A man hired as a coordinator for the District of Columbia Public Schools’ (DCPS) Office of Equity took to social media to demonize white people, according to media reports.

Victor Javier Rodriguez, who is described as a coordinator in the Office of Equity, called his social media posts cyber bullying.

“My job really allows me to drag and read the f*ck out of school leaders for their lack of culturally response practice competency or that they do not ensure their teachers have it and that’s just amazing. Kids need competent educators who are meeting them where they are,” Rodriguez tweeted back in March.

Rodriguez criticized “whiteness” in his posts, referring to people of Caucasian decent “yt.”

“Yt devil get beneath my feet,” Rodriguez tweeted.

“Should’ve just sent Cracker home,” he tweeted.

The Office of Equity reveals its radical agenda on its website, which says, “At DCPS we take individual and collective action towards antiracism.”

The website includes tabs visitors can click on to see the office’s mission, which says, in part:

• We acknowledge racial trauma

• We understand the impact of white supremacy in our work

• We interrogate our positions at DCPS

• We continually learn how racism shapes the lives of our students, peers and our own lived experiences

• We examine our expectations of the “ideal” student

“We employ evidence based antiracist pedagogy,” the site concludes.

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