Arizona Republican AG Candidate Abe Hamadeh Calls Out Democrat Kris Mayes’ Ties to Defund the Police Movement

Abraham Hamadeh

Donald Trump-backed Abe Hamadeh, running for Arizona Attorney General, released a statement calling on his general election opponent, Democrat Kris Mayes, to reject her Planned Parenthood endorsement due to the organization’s “Defund the Police” values.

“Show the American people what matters and immediately reject this endorsement,” Hamadeh said in an emailed statement calling out his opponent, who is endorsed by Planned Parenthood — an organization that supports defunding the police.

RICHMOND, VA - JULY 03: A protester carries a sign that reads "Defund The Police" during the Black Women Matter "Say Her Name" march on July 3, 2020 in Richmond, Virginia. Protests continue around the country after the death of African Americans while in police custody. (Photo by Eze Amos/Getty Images)

A protester carries a sign that reads “Defund The Police” during the Black Women Matter “Say Her Name” march on July 3, 2020, in Richmond, Virginia. (Eze Amos/Getty Images)

“The Attorney General serves as the top law enforcement officer of their state. The privilege allows oversight of some of the bravest individuals in our nation that put their lives at risk every single day,” the statement reads. Hamadeh then questions, “How can a state’s top law enforcement officer align with and receive support from an organization that openly encourages the demise of the very people they are supposed to represent and protect?”

Planned Parenthood supported the defund the police movement and the Black Lives Matter movement all throughout 2020, especially during the height of the riots across the country. In July 2020, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund authored an article explaining why they supported the far-left movement.

“As Democrats continue to flaunt claims that distract voters instead of focusing on real issues, Planned Parenthood has become a key figure in this election cycle. An organization – who openly supports ‘Defunding the Police,'” Hamadeh stated.

In fact, Axios reported last month that candidates in Arizona looking for its endorsement are now required to reject any financial support from police unions and law enforcement agencies. Chris Love, immediate past board chair of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona, also said on social media that police would enforce abortion bans and that “Cops are NOT our friends in this fight.”

“The Defund the Police movement propelled an absurd and dangerous narrative. It is important, now more than ever, to offer our full support to law enforcement individuals and agencies,” Hamadeh continued. He noted that the “dangers” law enforcement officers face are “consistently increasing with crimes against officers.”

Despite all of this, Mayes told Axios that she does not support the efforts to defund or abolish the police and claimed to be the only attorney general candidate that is “pro-law enforcement, pro-public safety and pro-reproductive rights.”

She added that despite what outside groups do, she looks forward to working with police agencies in Arizona if elected and “always” will put “Arizonans’ health and safety first.”

However, while Mayes appears to support law enforcement, she still displays the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona endorsement on her website.

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