Nolte: Chicago, NY Dems Allow Crime to Flourish to Justify Mass Surveillance

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 23: Monitors show imagery from security cameras seen at the Lower Man
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The fascist Democrats who run Chicago and New York have deliberately handed their cities over to violent criminals. Why? One reason is to justify the Big Brother surveillance programs Democrats love.

Normal people consider the notion of defunding the police, eliminating bail, and emptying prisons as flat-out lunacy. Whoever would do such a thing? Well, Democrats are doing it all over the country. In their deep-blue cities, where Democrats have ruled without Republican opposition for years, and in some cases decades, they have deliberately made their cities less civilized and more dangerous by allowing violent criminals to run free.

The results have been devastating everywhere, including in Chicago and New York.

Why would Democrats deliberately destroy their own cities?

First off, they want to rid the city of opposition, of normal people, and the best way to do that is to make the city unliveable for everyone but the super-wealthy and the desperately poor.

File/ A City of New York Police Department security camera set up along a street in New York City. New York is among the U.S. cities that have developed extensive mass surveillance networks in recent years using federal anti-terrorism funding. (Robert Alexander/Getty Images)

Leftists hate the middle class.

We’re the ones who get in their way. The wealthy want to hang on to their wealth and status, making them easy to corrupt. The poor can just as easily be radicalized, organized, and manipulated once they’re dependent on the state. The middle class is a different story. We’re generally pretty satisfied with life and want to be left alone. You can’t corrupt the middle class. You can’t bribe the middle class.

We’re honest people who want to live uncomplicated lives. We also get in the way of the left’s social engineering. Who wants a rehab center built across the street? Who wants their child sexualized in school by some transsexual groomer? And so on…

One way to rid their cities of the middle class is to make those cities unlivable. This is pretty simple. Open the prisons, end bail, demoralize the cops, and allow the terrorists in Antifa and Black Lives Matter to riot whenever they wish.

If Democrats are given a choice between facing opposition from the middle class and small business owners or governing their city unopposed, even if that means burning down a once-vibrant city until it looks like Detroit, Democrats will take Detroit.

Allowing criminals to destroy their city offers Democrats one more big benefit… Justification for increasing the surveillance state, watching all of us, controlling and intimidating us…

In the case of Democrat New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, she is literally using the term “Big Brother” in a positive way…

A technician installs new electronics for surveillance cameras in the Wall Street subway station on August 3, 2022 of New York City. (Robert Nickelsberg/Getty)

“You think Big Brother is watching you on the subway?” Ms. Hochul proclaimed at a news conference. “You’re absolutely right. That is our intent, to get the message out that we’re going to be having surveillance of activity on the subway trains, and that’s going to give people great ease of mind.”

After New York Democrats demoralized the police, emptied the prisons, and eliminated bail, their solution is not to reverse those destructive policies. Instead, it’s to add surveillance cameras to every subway car in New York City.

How is that going to decrease crime? Criminals already know they will be let loose. Cameras won’t decrease crime, but it will allow the government to manufacture an excuse to keep an eye on the public.

When Rudy Giuliani was mayor, New York City didn’t need cameras to keep the subways safe. Why? Because Giuliani’s New York chose to target criminals.

Democrats are doing the same thing in Chicago. Rather than reverse their obscene pro-criminal policies, Democrats are suckering the terrified public into installing security cameras and then registering those cameras with the government!

America knows how to create safe cities. Crime plummeted to lows unseen in decades for some 25 years, starting in the mid-90s.

Democrats are choosing to increase the violent crime rate.

Democrats are choosing to turn their cities into hellscapes.

Hey, what’s a few hundred rapes and murders if it gives Democrats the unlimited power they crave?

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