House Democrats Block Republican Plan to Promote Parents’ Rights in Schools

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House Democrats blocked on Thursday a Republican motion to ensure parents’ rights in the education of their children are protected.

Rep. Lisa McClain (R-MI) offered a motion to recommit the Mental Health Matters Act, which was sponsored by Rep. Mark DeSaulnier (D-CA).

If the House were to pass the motion to recommit, then the bill would go back to its committee of origin, where they would not be able to vote on the bill again unless the House were to attach McClain’s amendment.

The amendment would require parental notice and consent before schools offer mental health services to students.

McClain spoke on the House floor about the need to pass this amendment to ensure that parents can fight back against schools that may covertly push transgenderism with students:

“[M]y amendment…would establish that parents have the right to be informed of any mental health-related issues with their children. In other words – schools may not hide critical information from parents.

“And before my colleagues say this isn’t necessary or needed, just open social media and you’ll find examples of teachers and school personnel bragging about how they ‘covertly’ discuss transgender issues with students — regardless of their accordance with school or state laws.

“I think it is disappointing that it has come to this: that on the House Floor we have to make an affirmative case for parents’ rights. Yet, here we are. School officials and personnel are not the parents. School officials and personnel have no right to ignore a parent’s decision on what they think is best for their child.

“This amendment protects both parents and students. It would ensure that parents are never excluded from their children’s health conversations and that teachers and administrators can’t make these decisions unilaterally.”

The motion failed — 220 House Democrats voted against parents’ right to consent to whether they want schools teaching transgenderism to their children.

House Republicans recently unveiled their legislative agenda, the Commitment to America, which promises to advance the Parents’ Bill of Rights, sponsored by Rep. Julia Letlow (R-LA), which “directs local educational agencies to publicly post the curriculum for each elementary and secondary school grade level; and (2) requires schools to notify parents and guardians of their rights, including the right to review the school’s curriculum and budget.”

Sean Moran is a congressional reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter @SeanMoran3.


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