Marco Rubio: Val Demings Opposes Election Integrity Measures but You Need ID to Get into Her Neighborhood

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Thomas Cordy/The Palm Beach Post via AP, Pool

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) on Tuesday highlighted the absurdity of Rep. Val Demings (D-FL) opposition to basic election integrity measures, noting that one must have an ID to get into the Democrat’s neighborhood.

Demings, during Tuesday’s debate, accused Rubio of supporting measures to suppress the right to vote, although she failed to provide any specific examples of such.

“I’m not the person standing on the stage who supports suppressing the right to vote,” she said before comparing election integrity measures to the days of Jim Crow and calling for a federal law to supposedly “keep everybody accountable.”

However, Rubio highlighted the sheer absurdity of Demings’ grandiose claims, reminding the audience that it has “never been easier to vote” in the United States. 

“In Florida, you can now vote by mail for any reason. You can vote, for example, ten days before the election. You can vote on Election Day. In Georgia, which they claim to be the place that was suppressing all the votes, you had record African American voter turnout,” he explained, noting that Demings wants a federal takeover of elections.

Indeed, Democrats have routinely categorized basic election integrity measures, such as requiring a voter to show some form of identification, as a form of suppression. This is despite the fact that the vast majority of Americans support that requirement.

A federal takeover of elections, which Demings supports, would bully states, taking away their rights to establish these basic measures, which is absurd, the senator pointed out. 

“What would that look like? You can’t ask for ID. You have to ask for ID to get into her neighborhood where she lives and you have every right to have that, but you can’t ask for it when they vote? Allowing people to drive around with a trunk full of absentee ballots? Allowing people to basically register an hour before–  the same day of the election, show up and vote and inject chaos,” he said, adding that there are “laws have to be followed” in the Sunshine State. 



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