Poll: Only 9% Say It’s Important Companies Promote Diversity, Environmentalism

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A Rasmussen Reports poll found that American adults say there are “more important” issues for companies to focus on than promoting causes like diversity and environmentalism.

Only nine percent of the adults in America said they think the most important issue for companies to focus on is “promoting causes like diversity and environmentalism.” In comparison, 82 percent said there are other issues businesses should focus on.

The 82 percent is split between 69 percent who said companies should focus on “providing quality goods and services,” and 13 percent who said companies should focus on “increasing profit.”
Overall, nine percent also said they were unsure how they felt about what companies should find more important.

Additionally, when the respondents were asked how important it is for a company to share the same social and political values as the consumer, 58 percent said it was important, and of that, 28 percent said it is “very important.”

In comparison, 34 percent said it was not important that a company shares your social and political values, and eight percent were not sure.

Furthermore, the poll found that a majority (87 percent) said that the “quality of a company’s products and services” was important for making consumer decisions, with 70 percent of those saying “very important.”

Only six percent said the “quality of a company’s products and services” was not important, and eight percent were not sure.

The Rasmussen Reports poll was conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC for Rasmussen Reports from January 18, 19, and 22 with 1,000 American adults. The poll had a three percent margin of error and a 95 percent confidence level.

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