We’re All Doomed: U.N. Warns Planet Earth on the Eve of Destruction

Melting glaciers. Unbearable heat. Space junk. Accelerating extinctions. Population growth. Groundwater depletion. Societal decay. The U.N. warned in a report Wednesday these are just a few of the potentially irreversible impacts threatening the planet that must be immediately addressed with drastic changes to “human actions.”


Study: World Population Close to Peak and Steep Decline — No ‘Population Bomb’ on Horizon

A study commissioned by the Club of Rome and published on Monday found that the world population is approaching its peak and will begin declining swiftly after the middle of the 21st Century, averting the “population bomb” scenario in which longer lifespans, more abundant food, and better medical treatments cause the human race to overwhelm the capacity of the Earth to sustain it.


Billie Eilish Receives Environmental Award Despite Family Owning Multiple Properties, Including Horse Ranch, and Malibu Beach House

Billie Eilish was honored alongside her mother, Maggie Baird, over the weekend at the 2022 Environmental Media Association Awards Gala in Los Angeles for their work with the family’s environmental non-profit organization. But noticeably missing from the accolades is the fact that the mega-pop star’s carbon footprint is far bigger than most thanks to her and her family’s multiple properties, which include a horse ranch in Glendale and a Malibu beach house.

Billie Eilish