New England Democrats Push to Give Voting Rights to Illegal Aliens

Voters take part in the 2016 Connecticut primary as they vote in the gym at the Julian Cur
TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images

Democrats in Connecticut and Rhode Island are pushing legislation to allow illegal aliens, along with foreign nationals on visas and green cards, to vote in local and state elections.

Connecticut state Rep. Juan Candelaria (D) has filed legislation that would offer an amendment to the state’s constitution to allow illegal aliens to vote in local and state elections. Currently, the state constitution reserves voting rights only for American citizens.

Likewise, in Rhode Island, state Rep. Enrique Sanchez (D) has offered a plan that would allow counties to decide whether illegal aliens can vote in local elections.

“This act would authorize cities and towns, by ordinance, to allow all their residents to vote in municipal elections for municipal officeholders regardless of the immigration status of their residents,” Sanchez’s plan reads.

Both efforts come as the Vermont Supreme Court issued a decision last month that permits the city of Montpelier to enact its ordinance allowing illegal aliens and other foreign nationals to vote in local elections.

Voting rights for illegal aliens and foreign nationals on green cards and temporary visas have become a key element of Democrats’ larger policy initiatives in recent years.

Most recently, after the Washington, DC, City Council approved a law granting voting rights to foreign nationals including illegal aliens, House Republicans and 42 House Democrats voted to block the city from carrying out the plan.

Last year, after the New York City Council voted to give nearly a million foreign nationals the right to vote in citywide elections, the New York Supreme Court struck down the ordinance citing the state’s constitution which blatantly prohibits foreigners from voting.

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