Exclusive — Trump Adviser Jason Miller: One-Quarter of $4 Million Trump Donations After Indictment Came from First-Time Donors

Trump campaign's Jason Miller on 10/9/2020 "The Story"

One-quarter of the flood of donations former President Donald Trump garnered in the 24 hours after the announcement of his indictment came from first-time donors, Trump senior adviser Jason Miller told Breitbart News Saturday.

Miller revealed that Trump remains confident heading into next week’s arraignment and said that this will only hurt Democrats and Trump critics, predicting this latest witch hunt will “backfire.”

“Joe Biden — even Democrats don’t want Joe Biden to be at the top of the ticket” so they are “feeling like they have to take it upon themselves” to take down Trump ahead of time, Miller said.

However, Miller said they are “pretty much assuring that President Trump will have the Republican nomination but they’re also firing up his base and independents who say, ‘You know what? Why the hell aren’t you guys worrying about the crime on our streets? Why aren’t you worrying about inflation and all the other problems our country has already now?'” he said.


“This is so obviously political, so I think it’s gonna backfire on the Democrats in a big way,” he said, pointing to the proof in the numbers.

“In the first 48 hours after this indictment was announced, President Trump’s campaign raised $4 million just in a 24-hour period,” he said, going on to note a stunning statistic in relation to those donations.

“Notably of those contributions, a quarter of them — a fourth of them —  were from people who’ve never given money into President Trump before, even in his first two presidential campaigns,” Miller revealed.

“Think about that for a moment. Everyone who’s listening right now, I’m sure, has probably at one point or another found themselves on a Trump solicitation email list or has received a request to help out for the first two campaigns. To have quarter of all contributions of this four million…” Miller said.

“The average contribution is $34. … It’s regular people. It’s small-dollar donors. For a quarter of these to be brand new people, that to your point, Matt, these are the Democrats and the independents, who always thought, ‘Man this is — you know, I like what Trump’s doing. Maybe sometimes I listen to the media too much,’ or say that, ‘You know, I get swayed by them.’ But these are people saying, ‘You know what? Enough is enough. Enough of the rigged system, the partisan witch hunt. I’m gonna go and make my voice heard for President Trump,'” Miller said.

“That is a remarkable level of new supporters for someone who’s been on the …. political scene for the past seven or eight years,” he added.

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