Chicago’s Brandon Johnson: ‘Wicked,’ ‘Unconscionable’ for Texas to Send Border Crossers to Sanctuary Cities

Scott Olson/PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) says it is “wicked” and “unconscionable” for Texas to bus thousands of border crossers and illegal aliens to the sanctuary city.

This week, on his first official day as mayor, Johnson visited border crossers and illegal aliens who are living inside city police stations on the ground.

During the visit, Johnson said politicians “that are using the lives of individuals as a way to score some political points with a certain segment of the population in this country,” in a veiled attack on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), who has bused thousands of border crossers and illegal aliens to Chicago and other sanctuary cities since mid-2022.

“It’s wicked, it’s unconscionable,” Johnson said of Abbott’s migrant busing operation.

During his inaugural address, Johnson seemingly welcomed waves of illegal immigration to Chicago just as the city’s black residents on the South Side have protested and are suing to protect their neighborhood from becoming a migrant dumping ground.

“Looking at the numbers coming out of city hall and the state of Illinois, upwards of $150 million for six months,” one Chicago resident explained.

“We believe that $150 million would have been, in some way, eligible to come into our community to help our crime problem, help our economic problem, and help with our housing issues,” he continued. “And as we’re all aware, black people are the largest number of homeless in Chicago, so if you’re going to help anyone, help the current black homeless first.”

Currently, city officials are considering housing border crossers and illegal aliens in Wilbur Wright College over the summer.

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