Consumer Advocacy Group Targets Bank of America for Pushing ESG

Facade of a bank branch of Bank of America on the street with people around in New York Ci
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Advocacy group Consumers’ Research launched its “Bank of UnAmerican” campaign targeting the nation’s second-largest banking institution, Bank of America, over its use of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies.

As Breitbart News previously reported, ESG policies are a form of leftist activism in financial investing that has become the latest vector to influence the way Wall Street financial firms and corporations continue to take social and political positions that do not relate to their business, such as stances associated with climate change, as well as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) agenda.

Consumers’ Research campaign features two national television ads, a Times Square Billboard, more than a dozen mobile billboards in America’s largest cities, and the “Bank of UnAmerican” website.

One of the television advertisements criticized Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan for using ESG to push a far-left radical agenda.

As the ad stated:

They’re funding abortions, demanding Americans comply with their woke climate agenda. They teach people that the U.S. is a system of white supremacy while stripping away your Second Amendment rights. A California Democrat? No. It’s Bank of America under CEO Brian Moynihan. There’s enough people pushing political agendas in America. Your bank shouldn’t be one of them. Bank of America. Their lies start with their name.

Consumers’ Research executive director Will Hild blasted Moynihan, claiming he has “wielded the United States’ second-largest bank like a political club.”

Hild said in a statement:

We are putting Bank of America on notice. CEO Brian Moynihan has wielded the United States’ second-largest bank like a political club. Under his watch, the bank has brought China’s social credit system to American soil by using arbitrary ESG metrics to potentially lock individuals and businesses out of key banking services. This is the same bank that helped build the Chinese Communist Party, investing billions of American dollars into China to help facilitate its rise. They can call themselves Bank of America, but the truth is that Moynihan and his crew have been working to undermine America at every turn.

He also criticized Moynihan for forcing Bank of America employees to undergo DEI training.

“Their multibillion dollar lobbying efforts helped stagnate our economy and crippled domestic energy production at the behest of the UN’s climate cartel known as the Net Zero Alliance,” Hild added. “They also went full woke, forcing employees to endure ‘DEI’ training that denigrated the United States as racist and challenged employees to confront their ‘White Privilege.’ Bank of America simply does not have America’s best interests at heart.”

Months ago, Hild wrote a letter to congressional leaders urging them to address the ESG issue, one he said “concentrates power into the hands of a tiny group of Wall Street managers who were not elected, lack any accountability to the people, and routinely make it clear they resent any restriction on their power to set policy.”

Last month, a House Judiciary Committee report on FBI whistleblowers found that Bank of America provided the FBI a list of anyone who used their services in the D.C. area regardless of if they participated in the events of the January 6 protests, Breitbart News reported.

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