Exclusive — Karoline Leavitt: Trump Mugshot ‘Rallied’ Americans Across the Political Spectrum 

Supporters of former President Donald Trump chant and wave flags at a rally, Monday, April
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Karoline Leavitt, a spokeswoman for the MAGA Inc. PAC, told Breitbart News that former President Donald Trump’s Fulton County mugshot has “rallied the American people across the political spectrum.”


Leavitt told Breitbart News Saturday host Matthew Boyle, “You could absolutely see the defiance in President Trump’s eyes and in his face in that mug shot, and it really has rallied the American people across the political spectrum now.”

“We are now seeing a seismic shift in disapproval for Joe Biden and support for President Trump. There was a new poll released yesterday that shows Donald Trump dominating Joe Biden in the general election,” Leavitt added. “And there’s been a bunch of polls that show the same thing. And I think that the Democrats have overplayed their hands with all of these witch hunts and indictments of Donald Trump.”

Leavitt recognized the support that Trump received from Atlanta residents as his motorcade was passing through the town on Thursday.

“You saw he was driving through urban Atlanta. African Americans lining the streets yelling, ‘Free Trump,’ as his motorcade passed by. People are realizing that this is a political persecution,” Leavitt said. “This is an unfair abuse of our justice system against someone who made the lives of people of people in Atlanta, people in New York City, people in West Virginia, in every state and community across this country, better.”

She then said Trump is the “only one who will take a sledgehammer to the deep state and demand justice and accountability to right these wrongs.”

“And so while you saw all those candidates at the debate the other night bickering over issues like the economy, and energy, and the border, which are all incredibly important, we already have a guy who’s delivered on every single one of those issues. And they failed to talk about the greatest issue our nation is currently facing, which is political lawfare against the leading opponent in the next election, and also against millions of hardworking, good, good hearted Americans who support him,” she said.

“Donald Trump is the only one who can fix the issues that the American people are facing. And he’s also the only one who will take a sledgehammer to the deep state, and demand justice and accountability to right these wrongs,” Leavitt added. “And I do think the mug shot is of course, epic. But it also is a pivotal moment. And it’s a seismic shift in support that we’re seeing for President Trump across party lines, especially with independents and African American Americans and also Hispanic Americans too.”

Leavitt said that Trump “has never been in a better position to win, and the Democrats are scared crapless about that.”

“He is performing better than he did in 2016 against Hillary Clinton, a race in which he won. He shocked the establishment then and he continues to shock them to this day. The fact that he’s still standing strong, and the fact that he even decided to run for reelection again, to go back and beat Joe Biden, stepping into the arena knowing that the deep state and the corrupt establishment in the media all together are combined to try and destroy him and his family and his business,” she said.

Leavitt believes the American people “are realizing that Donald Trump is our only hope at this moment in time.”

“And so it really is, it is a pivotal moment in time, and this mug shot is galvanizing support. And our message at MAGA Inc is this, every single dollar that is now wasted on this primary where there has been no movement other than a downward spiral for the rest of the candidates in the race is $1 that’s being diverted away from fighting this fight against Joe Biden and the corrupt Department of Justice. And so all of the Republicans that took to the stage the other night to bicker over policies that Donald Trump has already delivered on need to unify around President Trump, adhere to the will of the Republican voters. And let’s take this right to Joe Biden,” she said.

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