ABC’s Raddatz: Poll Showing Trump Ahead of Biden a ‘Tough One to Spin’

ABC News anchor Martha Raddatz said Sunday on “This Week” that a new ABC/Washington News poll showing President Joe Biden trailing former President Donald Trump by 10 points was a “tough one to spin.”

Raddatz said, “Whatever caveats, whether that is an outlier, that’s a tough one to spin.”

Former DNC chair Donna Brazile said, “It’s a tough one to spin, Martha. But I don’t believe Democrats should be sitting in a panic room.”

She added, “I think they should be out there in the streets like they have been all year long after all Democrats have won in places like New Hampshire, a district that Donald Trump carried. This Democrat won by six points, and Democrats won down in Jacksonville, Florida. Democrats have won in Wisconsin. Democrats also with the ballot in Ohio, so don’t go into the panic room just yet. Get out there make your case to the American people. The American people are angry. In fact, there’s an angry emoji all over the country. They’re angry because of electric bills. Their gas bill has come due. The electric bill has come due, their rent’s due, and it don’t they don’t feel it in their pockets. Get back to the kitchen table and start talking to the American people.”

Raddatz said, “The message may be out there, but they’re not feeling it.”

Brazile said, “There’s more than enough time to turn all of this bad weather around and go out there and make your case to the American people.”

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