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Watch Live: Second Presidential Debate in St. Louis

On Sunday, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will face off against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in the second presidential debate at St. Louis’ Washington University at 9 p.m. ET. Follow on Twitter @BreitbartVideo


Analysis: Why Donald Trump Will Win the Next Two Debates

As this author predicted, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton won the first presidential debate on Monday night, but without knocking Donald Trump out of the race. The good news for Trump fans is the Republican nominee is likely to win the next two debates.

Trump debate (David Goldman / Associated Press)

Jerry Brown Warns on Climate Change, Defends Farmers

California Governor Jerry Brown warned Americans on Sunday morning that California’s drought was a sign of climate change. However, in his appearance on ABC News’ This Week, with guest host Martha Raddatz, Brown also defended California farmers from charges that they are overusing water, arguing that they feed the rest of the country.