Marjorie Taylor Greene on Upcoming Book ‘MTG’: Media ‘Created a Caricature of Me’ and I Set the Record Straight

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) arrives for a House Republican caucus meeting at the U.
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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said during a Monday call promoting her upcoming book MTG that the establishment media has “created a caricature” of her over the years and has “misconstrued” many things about her, and she is naming names and setting the record straight.

The conservative firebrand’s book, under the publisher Winning Team Publishing, provides what has been described as the congresswoman’s “unfiltered views on the most important issues facing our nation, and the personal sacrifices that come with being ‘the most dangerous woman in Washington.'”

“Everyone has taken my words and twisted them and basically created a caricature of me and presented it, you know, on the main stage to the American people and said what my words really mean,” she told reporters during the Monday afternoon call.

“In this book, I’m telling you exactly what my words are and who I am and what I think. So there’s a lot of a lot of basically countering what’s been said about me, but there’s also a lot of stories. I share personal stories,” she said, describing things that have happened in Washington, including her account of what happened on January 6.

Greene also said the book highlights other areas of her life in D.C. — from getting kicked off of committees to “wild stories” that end up in the news. She also teased bits about some of her colleagues, which thinks people will find “very interesting.” When asked to name one of the colleagues of interest, she only provided one name: Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO).

Further, Greene said she talks about her colleagues who oppose her transgender bill and ultimately said she had “a lot of fun” writing the book.

Breitbart News asked Greene if she highlighted her faith throughout the book, and she said it is weaved throughout the book, although not contained in a singular chapter.

“It’s definitely built in and kind of weaved throughout my book. And that is something that has been misconstrued,” she said, highlighting one of the more personal stories in the book in the chapter on the coronavirus and the lessons learned:

I talked about my father passing away from cancer, and he had been diagnosed with melanoma that was stage four, that had metastasized to his brain and tumors. And he was one of the many Americans, so many, that didn’t go to the doctor, you know, during COVID shutdown. So that’s something that I share and there, that’s a real personal story to me.

She added that she talks about the Protect Children’s Innocence Act as well, highlighting that it also reflects her faith and fundamental belief that “God’s creation is male and female.”

“And it’s our children. The most innocent, innocent people among us have been targeted and sexualized in such a perverse way. And I think these transgender surgeries on kids is one of the worst things happening today. And that’s why it’s a really important bill to me,” she said, noting that she has been “completely shocked and very disappointed in some of the biggest conservatives in the House, who profess to be Christians themselves, who are unwilling to support” her bill.

She explained her disappointment:

They claim, they hide under the whole idea of federalism, and that’s something I talk about in my book where federalism is extremely important, but when states like California are taking away parents’ right to stop their children from having these genital mutilating surgeries like mastectomies or castration that are permanent and so life-debilitating, before they’re even old enough to vote or join the military or buy alcohol or anything like that.

That is “not federalism,” Greene said, but “child abuse.”

“I call out some of my colleagues by name, because I was so upset with them and have been that they wouldn’t support this bill. So it is, my faith is weaved throughout, but it’s weaved throughout in forms of action and what I’m trying to do with it.”

The book comes out November 21, 2023.


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