Inside the campaign, the Post reported, close Biden aides “largely dismissed the polls over the weekend and did not signal any serious concern about their strategy.” However, many Democrat strategists worry that “Biden’s core political team, which includes a coterie of long-serving aides, is not fully transparent or open to outside advice.”

Democrat fear appears justified. The Times poll is not the only negative poll for the president. Seventy-three percent say Biden’s America is going badly, an increase of eight points in just ten months, a Sunday polling by CBS News/YouGov found. Less than a quarter of Americans believe they would be financially better off if Biden wins reelection.

A Thursday Rasmussen poll found Biden’s approval rating ended October at 45 percent, dropping two points from September. The polling reinforces previous surveys that indicated Joe Biden’s approval rating plunged after the Hamas terror attacks against Israel on October 7.

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