WATCH: Rep. Bob Good Ousted by MAGA Patriots at Pro-Trump Event

Rep. Bob Good, R-Va., speaks during a House Committee on the Budget hearing on the Preside
Roberto Schmidt/Pool Photo via AP

Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) was ousted from a pro-Trump event by MAGA patriots, video shows.

Video shows Good, the House Freedom Caucus Chairman, who endorsed former Trump challenger Gov. Ron DeSantis in the Republican primary race last year, getting kicked out of a pro-Trump event by the owner of the store.

The former Appomattox, Virginia, GOP Chair and proprietor of the Trump store explained in a statement that they “recently rented a storefront to serve as the Trump store in Farmville, VA” as a show of support for the former president. Saturday served as the grand opening, and they invited State Senator John McGuire as a special guest “because John has been a supporter of President Trump and never wavered, unlike Bob Good.”

According to the store owner, Good was told the night before that he was not welcomed to the event, but he showed up uninvited and had a back and forth with the store owner. According to the statement from the owner, Good “attempted to make the day about himself, instead of President Trump.”

“I repeatedly asked Bob to leave. Once he finally relented and left our store, Bob and his paid campaign staff stood out front for over four hours trying to block people from entering our store. The whole thing was very embarrassing behavior for anyone, let alone a sitting member of congress,” the statement reads.

Indeed, video shows the congressman arguing with the owner of the store, who repeatedly asked him to leave, telling him that he did not have an invitation to “hijack” the store.

“Bob, seriously stop this. This is embarrassing, Bob,” she said, adding, “What you did in the text that you sent out, you made it sound like this was your event.”

“You put President Trump’s image on your text, and you said that everyone was invited – you send it out to your big list, and then you actually wanted donations for it,” she told Good.

“This is not the fifth district. This is my private shop. And you all are trespassing, so please leave” she said adding that Good was trying to “hijack” her store for his own campaigning.


“Bob is not a supporter of President Trump. I was disappointed to learn that Bob endorsed against President Trump this year and supported everyone except Trump in the 2016 primary. While Bob has a right to support any candidate he wants, he should have the courage of his convictions and not try to say that he is a Trump supporter,” the store owner continued in a statement, explaining that “Bob and his consultants are targeting county GOP chairman that support President Trump.”

The statement continued:

They removed me as Appomattox chairman on Saturday night and are threatening to remove the Buckingham Chair for her support of President Trump and other MAGA candidates. Bob and his staff are undermining the will of local committee members for Bob’s benefit and it is wrong.

It greatly saddens me to have a congressman like Bob Good that does not support President Trump or the MAGA movement. Now more than ever I am working exclusively to get President Trump back in the White House and other America First candidates into office.

Good faces Virginia State Delegate John McGuire — the individual invited to the pro-Trump event — as a primary challenger this year. Meanwhile, Good has desperately tried to clear his name, asserting that he is “not against” Trump.

“I’m not against President Trump — I like what President Trump did. I just think we need eight years and so that’s why I endorsed Gov. DeSantis,” Good told reporters in January.


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