Exclusive — Sen. Ron Johnson: Donald Trump Is ‘Gonna Do What He Says He’s Gonna Do’

SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump is “gonna do what he says he’s gonna do” and is “allowing himself to be dragged through the mud” for the American people, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) told Breitbart News Daily ahead of the former president’s meeting with lawmakers.

Johnson previewed Trump’s forthcoming meeting with congressional Republicans, describing Trump as entertaining but noting that they are all respectful but frank with each other during these meetings.

“Generally, these are pretty small spaces. And, so, when the president has attended our lunches, first of all, Trump is an entertainer — if you’ve ever gone to a rally, they’re fun. I mean, you couldn’t drag me to a political event where I’m going to have to listen to a politician speak for an hour and a half, but you can listen to Trump speak for an hour and a half because he’s entertaining,” Johnson said. “So he’s the same guy.”

“I mean, Trump doesn’t change. He’s Trump…I’m very frank with the president…People respect each other, and we have very frank exchanges. We’ll be asking questions,” he said, explaining that lawmakers are looking forward to the meeting.

“If you spend some time with Trump, you cannot not like him. He’s got charisma. He’s funny. He’s entertaining, but he’s serious. And, you know, he loves this country. And…he’s allowing himself to be dragged through the mud because he loves this country,” he said.


“He takes a look at the stupidity of what’s happening in government in 2015, 2016, [and says,] ‘I got to do something about this…I can take care of this in no time.’ I’m sure that same attitude he brought in 2016. This isn’t that hard. That’s the attitude he brings,” Johnson said, adding that Trump has “gut instincts.”

“He prioritizes things, and he just tells you what he believes. And, again, unlike any president, presidential candidate, Trump is the guy who has honored the promises he made. He’s not BSing. He’s gonna do what he says he’s gonna do,” he added.

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