WATCH: Georgia Girl Finds Out She Is Being Adopted

After three years in foster care, 10-year-old Ivey Zezulka's emotional reaction to finding out she would be adopted by her foster family was stemmed by not only joy, but relief as well.

The moment Ivey Zezulka discovered that she and her siblings would be adopted was documented in a simple, touching video.

“I’m going to be adopted!” Ivey read aloud from the framed note inside the gift box. “We love you, sweetie. We’ll always be your parents,” her new father said. “We get to take care of you, protect you and Kai and Lita, too,” her mother added. Paige also had a message, not only to those who saw the video, but for potential parents who might worry about adopting an older child:

Ivey is so wonderful and special, and we are so blessed she is our daughter. Sometimes people are afraid to consider older kids, they think they may be ‘damaged.’ We hit the jackpot. Ivey is so grateful and thankful. [She] tells us we are wonderful parents, and she has gratitude to be in a family, for being safe and loved. She’s wonderful and we are so blessed she is our daughter.

Ivey, 10, and siblings Kai, 3, and Lita, 2, have spent years in the foster system. But current foster parents Paige and Daniel ended that long journey, offering the children a home. “She’s been living with a question mark of what will happen,” Paige told ABC’s Good Morning America. “We love her birth family and she loves them too, but it became [that] with us was where she wanted to be.”


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