Influencer Roasted for Calling Herself ‘Instagram Famous’ During American Airlines Freakout

morgan osman

Influencer Morgan Osman has been getting rolled on social media after she declared herself “Instagram famous” during a freakout on an American Airlines flight that went viral.

Wearing a catsuit, the video showed Osman pulling her baggage from the overhead compartment as she argued with an unseen passenger over unclear reasons.

“Call me a bitch again,” she told the passenger. “I did nothing wrong.”

“I said shut up,” a male passenger replied.

“No, you shut the fuck up,” Osman shot back. “You shut the fuck up, and you’re a bitch.”

When Osman noticed another passenger filming as she exited the plane, she said, “Film me. I’m Instagram famous, you fucking bum.”

Osman, who boasts one million Instagram followers, confirmed to the New York Post that she was the one in the video. She also famously claimed that she and Sam Asghari were an item after he split from Britney Spears.

“The self-proclaimed nest wrecker even posted and quickly deleted a saucy snap of herself smooching Asghari, claiming he was ‘using Britney,'” noted the Post.

Osman also previously appeared on season five of the Oxygen reality series The Bad Girls Club.

People online did not pull back when mocking her “Instagram famous” declaration.

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