Peter Schweizer: Media Won’t Ask Questions About ‘Clinton Cash’ Because They’re Afraid of the Answers

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Clinton Cash author and Breitbart News Senior Editor Peter Schweizer talked about Donald Trump’s shout-out to his book, and Hillary Clinton’s response with SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon on Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily.

“We’ve all seen the stories, and know the stories, about Wall Street firms or Big Oil companies trying to influence our politicians, but there’s always been this consensus that politics is a dirty game, but it’s played by Americans,” Schweizer noted. “That has changed now with the Clintons. That consensus is gone.”

“You cannot, according to U.S. federal law, as a foreign government or a foreign corporation, write a check to a political candidate. You can’t set up a Super PAC and try to influence an election,” he explained.

But when the Clintons established the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, when Bill Clinton hit the lecture circuit while his wife was Secretary of State, you now had an avenue where oligarchs in Russia, in Nigeria, in Latin America – if they wanted something from the Secretary of State, they now had an avenue to try to influence them. I think the evidence is pretty clear they gave a lot of money. There’s pretty clear evidence that favorable actions were taken on Hillary Clinton’s behalf – by her, for their benefit.

“This is totally new in America, and the question is, this goes beyond the Clintons ultimately, because if this is allowed to continue, this will become the wave of the future,” he warned. “One thing we know about Washington, D.C.: if you give a politician a way to self-enrich, it’s going to be imitated by everybody, in both political parties.”

When Bannon asked where the mainstream media has been on the Clinton Cash story, which he described as “one of the biggest scandals in the history of the country,” Schweizer replied, “It’s not only ‘where have they been?’ They have a complete lack of curiosity about it.”

“Think about this for a second,” he urged.

Set the book aside, and look at the fact that the New York Times ran a 4,000-word front-page piece on how the Clintons got $145 million from the shareholders in this small Canadian company that was being sold to the Russian government, and the State Department approved. That’s a heck of a story right there. When the New York Times runs a front page piece, 4,000 words, on a subject like that, it generally gets attention. Here’s the challenge: CNN, MSNBC, no one has asked Hillary Clinton a single question about this story. This is a story that ran a year ago. Not a single question.

Bannon suggested the media is keeping away from the Clinton Cash story because they know it’s a “time bomb” that could devastate her campaign, as Trump demonstrated by bringing it up Wednesday. “They’re afraid of the answers if they do pursue this,” he said.

“It’s got to be something,” Schweizer agreed. “It’s as if something like Watergate was broken, you have the early murmurings of Watergate, reporting by Woodward and Bernstein, and other reporters said, ‘Yeah, that’s interesting, but we’re really just not even going to ask a question about it.’ It is absolutely bizarre.”

“It’s interesting to watch this unfold. You’ve got some good reporters at some of these outlets that we work with, that have done great reporting on this sort of subject, but you’ve got a lot of frankly lazy reporters – or you’ve got management at those news agencies, as you said, that are just not interested in having these stories surface, because of where they’re heading” he charged.

For that reason, Schweizer said this has become “a story about the media, and how the media does its job, or doesn’t do its job,” as much as it’s about the Clintons.

It also ties into the story about Hillary Clinton’s illicit email server, since as Bannon observed, it’s becoming increasingly clear that server was designed to shield Clinton’s activities and financial dealings from Congress and the Freedom of Information Act.

Schweizer said he was convinced Clinton deleted the 30,000 emails supposedly concerned with yoga routines and party planning because “it’s about these commercial relationships, it’s about follow the money.”

“They needed a way to communicate,” he said. “Bill Clinton is off flying on a plane, doing whatever, wherever he is. Hillary Clinton is Secretary of State, she’s flying the world, doing whatever she’s doing. You’ve got the Clinton Foundation, you’ve got this money apparatus. You have to have a way to communicate. The way you communicate is via email. And, in order to communicate that way, it has to be secret, because the mingling of official State Dept. business with the personal profiteering of the Clintons is not something that can see the light of day.”

“So the apparatus becomes setting up this email server, and the notion that nobody’s going to find it. Well, you have this Romanian hacker that uncovered this, and I think it’s another example of how elites globally try to operate – pull the wool over the eyes of people, but somehow, some way, innovative people around the world uncover this stuff. That’s something that gives me hope for the future,” said Schweizer.

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