Peter Schweizer: Hillary Clinton Has More Emails Mentioning Yoga Than Russian Nuke Deal

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan
AP Photo/Mark Lennihan
Washington, DC

Breitbart Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer, author of the bestselling book Clinton Cash, joined Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon to discuss detailed analysis revealing significant gaps in Hillary Clinton’s emails. Said Schweizer, “What’s important in the email story is not the emails that have been released – the emails that are there – it’s the emails that are not there that should be there,” said Schweizer.

He continued:

There are more emails that mention and discuss LeBron James, yoga, Saturday Night Live, Monica Lewinsky than mention the Russian State Atomic Nuclear Agency, which she is negotiating with for three years and has all these deals involved with. So there are things missing, and I think this is the story that the media has missed.

Schweizer’s analysis is available at under “Investigations.”

Schweizer said:

What we did was look at when she sent and received emails, and you find these sort of bizarre gaps. So, for example, in 2009, she takes this very important trip to India, to Thailand. She meets with a bunch of Indian billionaires. She announces a U.S. India nuclear deal. She actually meets with the Russian Foreign Minister on this trip. Here’s the problem: according to the emails she released, she went 48 hours–two days–without sending or receiving a single email on that trip. That’s what she wants us to believe.

Breitbart News also reported on a Schweizer piece for Politico on this topic Wednesday:

But then there is an instance where the State Department cable traffic rises and there are few if any Clinton corresponding emails. It’s the case of Rosatom, the Russian State Nuclear Agency: Clinton and senior officials at the State Department received dozens of cables on the subject of Rosatom’s activities around the world, including a hair-raisingcable about Russian efforts to dominate the uranium market. As secretary of state, Clinton was a central player in a variety of diplomatic initiatives involving Rosatom officials. But strangely, there is only one email that mentions Rosatom in Clinton’s entire collection, an innocuous email about Rosatom’s activities in Ecuador. To put that into perspective, there are more mentions of LeBron James, yoga and NBC’s Saturday Night Live than the Russian Nuclear Agency in Clinton’s emails deemed “official.”

What could explain this lack of emails on the Russian Nuclear Agency? Were Clinton’s aides negligent in passing along unimportant information while ignoring the far more troubling matters concerning Rosatom? Possibly. Or, were emails on this subject deleted as falling into the “personal” category? It is certainly odd that there’s virtually no email traffic on this subject in particular. Remember that a major deal involving Rosatom that was of vital concern to Clinton Foundation donors went down in 2009 and 2010. Rosatom bought a small Canadian uranium company owned by nine investors who were or became major Clinton Foundation donors, sending $145 million in contributions. The Rosatom deal required approval from several departments, including the State Department.

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