Pat Caddell: if Clinton Is Elected, Her Pay-for-Play Operation Will ‘Make the Clinton Foundation Look Like Kid’s Play’

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Political analyst and veteran Democratic pollster Pat Caddell, a fixture on Fox News’ Political Insiders show, joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow for Monday’s edition of Breitbart News Daily.

Caddell began by agreeing with the previous guest, Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer, on the importance of the Clinton Foundation scandal.

“Hillary Clinton announced that they were halfway to their first goal of a billion dollars for the campaign,” he noted. “My question to anyone is: do you think that billion dollars is coming for free? If you think the Foundation was something, watch what they end up doing if they get elected, the kind of operation that’ll be going on for pay-for-play. It’ll make the Foundation look like kid’s play.”

“They’re being paid off here,” he charged. “It’s basically, as Peter has pointed out in Clinton Cash, and others have pointed out, the coincidence—which, if you really believe this, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. Between giving half a million dollars, suddenly, to Bill Clinton to deliver a speech, and giving a positive policy move or waiver from the State Department… really, come on, folks, that is exactly what it’s for, and they paid her.”

“Let me just ask your audience, and somebody ought to ask the American people this: Politics is the only place in the world where you think that somebody wants to give you fifty, a hundred, two hundred, three hundred thousand dollars, and want nothing in return? Has that happened in your life? I don’t think so,” Caddell said.

“The mainstream media, everyone understands they are part and parcel of this corrupt enterprise that is our political class in Washington D.C., and New York, and the way it works—Wall Street money, everything,” Caddell sighed, explaining that the media itself is “corrupt and part of it.”

“It is in their political interests,” he charged. “They’re not doing their job for the people. They do not care that they are responsible under the First Amendment, really—what I call the unwritten agreement of the First Amendment—that they would protect people from power. They have become nothing but the agents of power.”

Caddell turned his attention to the polls, pointing out that there are so many polls—and so many of them use what he called “horrifying” methodology, or lacked “any depth”—that “we’re just overwhelmed by them.”

He said these polls were part of a “media drumbeat,” as he discussed at length on Sunday’s edition of Political Insiders. Caddell recalled:

I compared it to 1948. In 1948, the pollsters missed the Harry Truman election, that Dewey was gonna win. Well, it wasn’t that the polls were bad, they just stopped polling in September. The reason was, in the past—polling was new, it had only happened since Franklin Roosevelt was come to office, and what they had learned during that period was that Franklin Roosevelt, everybody knew by Labor Day how they were going to vote, they never changed. Their attitude was, well, it was decided in September, and that was it. They went home.

He said Dewey-Truman turned out to be “a different kind of election, so they got caught with their pants down—people did move.” He believes a similar dynamic will be in effect throughout the rest of the 2016 election.

“I watched all the shows yesterday, I watched particularly like, the media show, like the one on CNN, which is such a joke – they went on, it’s like, ‘it’s over, right?’ Then they had Nate Silver on, a man who has been wrong all year long, he was on to explain how you should follow polls, and they were attacking the L.A. Times tracking poll as being a tracking poll online, with a panel,” said Caddell, adding there were legitimate questions about such daily tracking polls, but also praising the L.A. Times for doing “some very interesting, and quite sophisticated, things.”

“What we really have is, the polls have been closing, and they will close for a basic reason, which is what Gallup shows, which is that attitudes are back to where they were, basically, pre-convention,” he said. “All of those bumps, and the terrible time that Trump had, that’s all beginning to fade, and we’re back to where we were—which is, in my opinion, what we have is the most unstable, and the most volatile political situation in our lifetime.”

Caddell said this volatility was due to so much of the country being “upset” and demanding a dramatic change to “out of the box” solutions, while the media helps the Clinton campaign to create the impression that “Trump’s not qualified, he can’t be President, only she can be.”

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